The clubs membership years runs from 1 July -  30 June. 

All members who were financial for the 2019/20 year were automatically extended at no cost for this
 current 2020/21 year.

New or rejoining members: all membership applications are processed via Nominate.

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As of 7 December 2020 there is no longer any requirement for competitors horses to be Hendra Vaccinated.

However in the interests of best biosecurity protocols it is requested that horses that are thought to be unwell or are displaying symptoms of any disease are not brought along to any event. 

- This is especially the case for horses showing respiratory type symptoms i.e we do not want horses    with runny noses or coughs to be present at any of our events.

- Please do not allow horses to share water buckets and bits.

- Do not allow horses to "nuzzle" or "kiss".

- Should a horse develop symptoms of an illness at an event, it is requested that this horse be             removed from the direct contact of other horses where practical, and taken home as soon as is     possible. A vet should be contacted if there is an urgent concern for the well being of the horse.

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